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Spray-Rite specializes in spraying of Provincial and Municipal roads and highways throughout the Peace Region. We also service the oil & gas industry, right-of-ways, industrial properties and electrical transmission sites.

Please call or e-mail for a project specific quotation to best suit your organizations needs.



All prices will be negotiated or tendered.

Hourly Basis

  • 5 ton highway truck and operator
  • 1 ton manual spray unit and operator
  • ATV sprayer and operator

Application Basis

  • On road mobile spray
  • Off road mobile spray
  • Mobile spot spray

Application Options

  • Broadleaf vegetation control (kochia, thistle)
  • Non selective vegetation control
    • Bare ground vegetation control (grasses and broadleaf weeds)
    • Annual total vegetation control (all grasses and broadleaf weeds - 1 season)
    • Multiple season control (all grasses and broadleaf weeds)

Warranty and Touch-up Policy

  • No further charges on all residual application programs provided the soil is not disturbed after the first application.


  • Application reports will accompany all invoices